When People Speak Without Thinking - Survival tips.

Have you ever been in conversation and someone has spoken without thinking.  Perhaps they said something thoughtless, hurtful, disrespectful.  The key is to see it for what it is, a brain snap and not take to personally, check out this video for some survival tips on how to do this.

For resources to help you Build on your Communication skills you can;

Learn your Communication DNA - uncover the uniqueness that makes you, you

Harness your Communication strengths - learn to understand and Harness your strengths as a Communicator.  This course will help you to understand your strengths, your needs, your challenges, your stress response, and what to do about it to improve your communication. 

Become and Enlightened Communicator - take a deeper look at the other Communication DNA styles to improve Communication and close the Communication Gap.

If you are struggling with Difficult people, take our course that will teach you how to harness your strengths and build a foundation of understanding to deal more effectively with this common problem.