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Kylie is a Sydney based Professional Speaker, Author and a Communication and Team Expert with over twenty years experience

Having worked with teams and businesses, teaching them how to improve communication, particularly during a crisis, Kylie Warry is the expert when it comes to the importance of communication. Kylie has developed the Intentional Communication Framework to show her audiences how communication is affected in crisis and how it can be navigated through to ensure not just business survival, but business growth.

Kylie has worked with companies such as Univar Australia, Catholic Care, BHP, The Department of Defence and the Department of Environment and Climate Change, La Trobe University, St George & St Vincents Hospitals and TAFE NSW, assisting these businesses to communicate with intention in order to shift their business to a new level of understanding, cohesiveness and productivity. 

Speaking Topics 

Becoming Courageous Communicators - the key to a healthy growth and productivity in your team.

 We are in a communication crisis. Cancerous, toxic & unhelpful communication is rampant. How do you ensure that you do not fall victim to the communication crisis of our generation? The key is to crack the genetic code of your communication style.  Learn how to become Courageous Communicators that do not shy away from problems and who can speak up about their concerns.

In this enlightening conversation, Kylie demonstrates the power of understanding yourself as a communicator and understanding your own communication style.

Imagine if you understood yourself and how your respond through change, through stress and even when dealing with someone you do not understand? The key is to understand yourself. Then and only then can you begin to understand others, communicate with intention and prevent cancerous communication.

During this presentation, you will learn:

What is Courageous Communication

How to identify areas in your life susceptible to Cancerous Communication.

What is the Communication DNA & how you can implement it to revolutionise your business & relationships, today. 

The Power of Courageous Intention

In this Conversation, Kylie demonstrates the power of her unique framework, ‘The Cycle of Courageous Intention’.

Imagine if your communication improved during change or crisis? The key is understanding the impact of emotion during change or crisis, how this affects your ability to connect and then ensure that you Communicate with Intention.

During this presentation, you will learn:

The 6 steps to Courageous Intentional Communication.

How to identify areas within your business where communication is failing you in change and crisis.

How to implement the Cycle of Courageous Intention in your business, today. 

Kylie really helped our Managers to understand more about how to best work with people and get the most out of these relationships.”
— Simon Stroud - Manager, Department of Environment and Climate Change (Hurstville, NSW)


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