What is your Communication Stress Response?

So by now you may know your Communication DNA you may even know the DNA of others in your world that are important to you, or that you need to deal with/work with.  You are ready for the next crucial step, being able to recognise your Communication DNA stress response.

However if you missed the information about Communication DNA, if this is new then, check out this video specifically about this concept, it will explain it fully for you.   

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Stress is an interesting phenomena.  All of us experience it, it is good for us in certain instances, but many people are living too stressed and do not recognise this or know what to do about it.  

Stress is something that is designed to move us, get us out of the way of a truck hurtling towards us, help us study for that exam, deal with a situation that is causing discomfort. 

However, many people are great at ignoring this stress, not doing things that help, like rest, relax, exercise, talk to someone, solve the problem. Many of us ignore this and the problems usually get worse, even grow hair.  

Studies show that up to 95% of all Doctor visits can be related back to stress!  Stress affects your health.  You may think you are ignoring it, that it will magically go away but let my tell you, this is not the case. 

Not only is stress bad for your health but it also negatively affects your ability to communicate.  When you are stressed you stop using your thinking brain and go into primitive reptilian mode. 

Ever said anything you regret in the heat of the moment?  That is a simple example.  Stress affects each of the Communication styles differently for example;

The Powerful Communicator is driven like to take control, they are seen as a driver and is motivated by results.  In stress they are blunt, pushy, aggressive and seem angry all the time. 

 The Playful Communicator tells stories is distracted and gets easily bored. They are storytellers, use many words to explain a quick point, and are seen as a talker. They need to be liked.  In stress they talk far too much, over promise, can be dangerously optimistic and can make inappropriate jokes.

 The Patient Communicator is quiet, agrees even if they don't agree, and will not get involved in any perceived conflict, they are seen as a observer.  They crave harmony.  These guys avoid change, which can add to the stress.  They become even more quiet, withdrawn, avoidant and may appear not to care , but the exact opposite is true.

 The Perfectionist Communicator is into details, can be outrageously organised loves to do lists and is a neat person.  They are seen as an analyser and need to be Right.  Under stress they are critical, judgmental, expect perfection and get stuck into the details. 

You may notice some of your own traits under stress or those of others in your world.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  When you learn your Communication DNA through our online coaching course (link) you get much more information about each of the styles. 

So now what do you do?  You first need to recognise that you are stressed and be able to do something that is helpful, not something that hinders your progress. 

Each style is different and has different needs when stressed.  For example,

The Powerful Communicator needs to exercise, do something that burns up all of the excess adrenaline in their system.  Competitive sport is great, but seriously anything that gets a sweat up is excellent.  The ore you are driving for that result, the more important this is. 

The Playful Communicator needs to socialise, go out with friends, be around people, have fun, laugh, tell stories.  These guys are energised by people, they love to be around loads of people.  If you are in an environment at work or home where you are alone for significant periods then this is even more important, you need to refuel. 

The Patient Communicator needs to have quiet time and sleep.  Being more reserved they can be drained energetically by being around too many people so they need to refuel in a quiet place.  Ideally these guys need to sleep.  That is there ideal way to refill the bucket. 

The Perfectionist Communicator needs time alone to think, to quiet their ever busy brain.  They need time to order their thought, plan, journal, gain perspective.  The more chaotic and demanding their day the more this is critical for them.. Alone sitting, reading, planning, writing or listening to music is an ideal way to deal with stress. 

So as you can see, each DNA style is different in how they come across under stress and what they need to do to cope with stress.  This is why is so critical to first understand yourself, understand each aspect of what makes you, you.  Then to be able to understand others.

When you can do this, life will be less complicated, your relationships will be happier and healthier, you will be less confused by People around you, you will be able to take things less personally because it really isn’t about you.

If you would like to discover in detail what makes you tick you can take our online Communication DNA course right now.

The online Communication DNA course will allow you to begin to understand other key people in your world that may be confusing you.  For a deeper understanding you can check out our next level course to better understand others and to close the Communication Gap "Becoming an Enlightened Communicator"

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If you would like some help with this process then get in touch.  You and your relationships are worth it, end the confusion now, you will not regret it.  It is also crucial to understand yourself in stress.  Only then can you begin to understand others in stress.

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